Bikini Photo Shoot

Gabriella is a college student who models on the side and who also is a ballerina dancer she enjoys doing both very much. I contacted her off a social network and inquired if she would be interested in doing a photo shoot for me.

Gabriella modeled in work out attire and modeled in two bikinis. She was not interested in doing any suggestive modeling that’s not her cup of tea! She posed very well and had no trouble in doing the poses I showed her. Her bikini images turned out very good, and Gabby looked super!

The photo shoot was thrilling and very enjoyable for not being a suggestive photo shoot. For me, it does not matter what the model is wearing as long as she is good looking and decently built!  I had no idea at all of what to expect from Gabriella. Every pose from her was a new venture that got better from the previous one that she did. I captured many quality images in  Gabby’s shoot, and she modeled very well.

I used my Canon 70 D in this shot and set my custom white balance. I matched Gabby’s skin tone very well in all of the images I took.

Here are some shots of Gabriella I posted one from each outfit she modeled:




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