Artistic Nude Modeling Defined

Artistic nude modeling defined by Shawna Lee is a marvelous photo shoot. Shawna starts off modeling with skinny jeans and an attractive black halter top. Finally, after a brief show of her clothing, Shawna does some creative artistic nude poses which are amazing!

The lighting turned out very good in my studio. I used a stylistic set of drapes for my backdrop that had all kind of colors in it. The various coloring blended in well with Shawna's skin tone, and my two studio flashes matched it all perfect.

Artistic Nude modeling defined

Shawn Lee’s clothed, lingerie and nude images all turned out marvelously. I was pleased with all of her work. I had no problems with any of Shawna’s modeling techniques. This is one of my photo shoots where I had a lot of fun, and all I did was snap away.

For this super photo shoot, I used my Canon 70 D with Cannon’s EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 lens. I also used the custom white balance to set my camera exposure. So for the white balance, I used my Expo disc and my two studio flashes with white umbrellas.

There is very minimal editing in this photo shoot. I took the images in Raw resized and converted to jpeg in my post-processing editor. That’s about all I did for this photo shoot.

Here are some samples of what Shawna wore to start her photo shoot:

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