MNM Best Fitness Glamour Photo Shoot

Here is Gia my newest model she a beginner and very new to the modeling industry. In fact, this is her first photo shoot. She is short, but her beautiful looks and figure make up for her short height. Her jet black hair is a hot commodity, and I have been looking for a model with it for a while.

The first photo shoot that she modeled in was a fitness theme and some formal attire. I incorporated into this set her second photo shoot which was formal wear then lingerie. Her second modeling shoot was a little more involved and a lot more glamorous!

I was able to take some super images and HD footage of Gia’s first two photo shoots. Her jet black hair was shiny and blended in well with her tone physique marvelously. Everything turned out perfect, and the images look hot!

Gia modeled exceptionally well and posed super all of her poses turned out perfect. I showed her how to position, and she didn’t have any problems with it. She didn’t make many mistakes neither did she delay in modeling. Gia modeled very efficiently as a pro model does she looks fantastic.

Here is a taste of what Gia modeled:




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