Don't let the purchase only mislead you on my website. Once you click to buy the post, you will see the available membership levels that include that post. Most of my model posts are in the two subscription levels. However, you will have the opportunity to purchase a post, join my site, or do both. I will publish certain model sets that will only be available for purchase and not included in any of the two membership levels listed.    

Below are the three membership levels:

Platinum Monthly

Platinum is my monthly subscription for $11.75, reoccurring every thirty days, or you can cancel.  You will have access to exclusive glamour model photo shoots never seen before. The models vary from posing in a bikini, lingerie and nude. There are all kinds of models, some experienced and some not. All of the shoots are unique.    

Platinum Discount

Join My New Model for a year at a low price of just $47.00 a year. That is only just $3.92 a month to access all my exclusive glamour model photo shoots. Everything is the same as the platinum, but you save big time. You’ll have more time to browse the current model sessions and the new photo shoots that get updated. You also benefit by sticking around longer than just a month to see brand new aspiring models never seen before. I also include pay-per-post exclusives ordinarily not included in the monthly and trial subscriptions.   

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