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Erin Nicole is an excellent model, and she creates beautiful pictures. She poses so well and is one of my favorite models to photograph.  I thought that a modern kitchen, coupled with a hot model, would turn out a fantastic collection of images, and guess what it did.

Kitchen photo shoot collection

To start, Erin poses by the refrigerator then moves on to the stove. Her outfit is a black thong with a beige halter top. The look brought out a sexy mood to the kitchen. I thought photographing a beautiful model waking up and heading straight into the kitchen would be glamorous. The imagination was endless for Erin. She did all kinds of unique positions. I took a lot of fantastic shots, and Erin did superbly as usual.

Erin poses nude with the stove

Erin started doing some hot poses opening up the refrigerator and making some coffee. Then she headed to the stove to begin cooking up an exclusive morning recipe that is jaw-dropping and mouth-watering. It's long-lasting with all kinds of flavors. Halfway through, the shoot Erin began her most talented way of modeling, and that is naked. Have you ever seen a top model in the kitchen posing nude before? Let me tell you that it's elaborate. Although being naked in the kitchen may seem different and odd, it made an enormous change for third my shoot with Erin.

The kitchen lighting

For the great results, I used one of my Honey Badger compact flash head with a 2-foot softbox to soften the lighting. The images are a custom blend of Erin's talents and my carefully directed selections of glamour poses. She looks amazing!

The halter top and thong pictures are a marvelous collection, but the nudes are eye-openers. That is all I'm saying. The rest you'll have to see in the member's area.  It's fun and thrilling every time to work with Erin Nicole. She is a super hot talented model.

Here is a glamour clothed picture of what Erin did:

Erin Nicole at the kitchen entry

Do you see how the refrigerator and the setting look so good with Erin in the middle? There are a total of eighty-two images with an HD video of the shoot.

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