MNM Best Holly In Black Teddie

I photographed Holly back in 2014 she posed nude and clothed. This shoot is episode part 4 of her 2014 debut! I will be reposting Holly’s part 1,2, and 3 photo shoots from 2014. I currently had the site rebuilt and I'm adding in all of my older model content a little at a time.

The images I took are from my old Canon 50 D camera. The shoot was in the studio and in this shoot Holly wore a black g string teddy which is hot looking!

I also have a recent shoot of Holly from 2015 so keep your eyes open eventually I will post that photo shoot.

Since Holly is pretty exposed in part 4 of 2014’s shoot, I left the pictures in the member's areas for you to see! So if you want to view the shoot, you’ll have to join.


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