MNM Best First Implied Photo Shoot For Lizz

Lizz is a beautiful blonde girl who became interested in glamour modeling. She has minimal experience and likes the suggestive modeling such as topless and nude.  I recruited Lizz back in October 2015. She participated in one photo shoot before working with me.

Lizz poses in jeans and a white shirt then she undresses and models in a gray sports thong. After a while, Lizz does some implied topless modeling, and she does not model nude until the second photo shoot.

The photo shoot was fun and exciting. Lizz modeled very well although I had to show her how to pose she did excellently. There was no hesitation on Lizz’s part of whether she could or not do the modeling poses I taught her. Lizz was very flexible and open she caught on quick.

The images turned out spectacular especially the implied topless, and the thong poses. Here are some pictures of Lizz:


V the Photographer

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