First Time Ever Glamour Photo Shoot

Here is some of my older model photography going back to the 2013 year with model Jalisha. It's not too old, but there is a slight difference in my work from when I was using my older Canon 50 D camera.

Jalisha had become interested in doing some modeling because she wanted to try it out. She actually modeled twice once solo and once with her friend who came to model also a few weeks after this photo shoot.  As far as her second photo shoot with her friend I will publish that a little further in the future.

Jalisha modeled in jean shorts red leather jacket with matching red bra and after a while, she posed with her bra and red thong. The second outfit that Jalisha modeled in was with a black latex mini skirt with a fashion shirt. Halfway through the second photo shoot, she posed with her under attire which was a black bra and thong. Jalisha did exceptionally well all the way around I would say that for a beginner model she did marvelously with modeling clothed and lingerie.

This photo shoot was fun because I didn’t have any problems showing Jalisha how to pose. I pointed out to her the poses, and she did them without any questions because she liked the theme and style of modeling.

Here’s a taste of what Jalisha did:


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