Modeling For The First Time On Location

Tina is 30 years old and a beginner model who never modeled before this photo shoot. Tina said to me before the shoot, “I wanted to try modeling because it's fun, and “I wanted to give it a try.”

Tina likes nude modeling and anything that shows off her personality and her figure.

This photo session was taken on location in a green grassy field. Tina started off modeling dressed and then eventually undressed to pose nude in the high grassy area.

All of the images and video turned out fabulous, and Tina did a fantastic job posing and following directions. It was a hot August afternoon back in 2015 when I took this photo shoot.

Tina’s photo shoot was enjoyable and pleasurable to capture. She followed directions very well and was not conservative with her poses. Tina enjoyed posing nude, and she had no trouble with being naked especially outdoors.

Here are some pics from the shoot:

long red hair

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