Alexandria In The Woods

An Alexandria throwback from 2015 on a hot Saturday in August 2015. The first set of the shoot was in the studio, and the second part was on location in a lovely private woodland area.

Alexandria wore black lingerie for the first look, which added a marvelous mood to the white backdrop. Alexandria loved everything about the set. She got into the feeling of everything quickly. I had no problems, and Alexandria posed perfectly. The studio images and video look super.

After taking some shots indoors, we moved to an area near my studio with a covered woodland with a neat-looking overturned tree. The enormous dirt mound at the root of the toppled tree made my first backdrop outdoors. Alexandria was free to pose; however, she wanted to. We created a lot of quality pictures.
The fun part of the photo shoot was the on-location, where I photographed Alexandria freely posing without limitations. I had no concerns to worry about someone stumbling into the shoot and surprising my model and me. It all turned out well, and the results are astonishing to see.

Here is a sample I blew up to make a portrait, but the full shot of this pose is inside to see:

I hope you can enjoy appreciating the true beauty from Alexandria.

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