Beginner Model Lori

Lori, a beginner model, learns how to pose. She focuses on fashion and nudes styles in this amateur model photo shoot. Here's a little bit about my new model Lori she is a 31-year-old pretty curvy girl who loves to modeling. Lori has no significant prior modeling experiences but takes directions well! I recruited Lori one day through my casting call that she responded to seeking new nude models.

Beginner model Lori amateur collection

Usually, an amateur model isn't interested in showing a lot of their skin. But Lori isn’t just a typical beginner she likes fashion, nude, lingerie, and bikini modeling. Lori said to me at her interview, “I possibly would be interested in some fetish modeling.”

I took this photo shoot inside my studio on a brown leather couch. The lighting was low contrast, which made the brown of the sofa and Lori’s tan skin blend in well. The shoot started with Lori wearing a black and white halter top and a pair of shortcut daisy dukes shorts. Lori posed systematically clothed and then gradually fully nude. Lori posed naked marvelously for a beginner model, and she also was not shy posing. I think that my expert coaching made everything smooth for Lori's first nude session.

Good turnout

Lori posed hot on the couch, her nude pictures on the couch turned out marvelously. At the particular time of day that Lori modeled naked the natural light through the window sparkled everything for a short time. The sparkled lighting that came through the window above the set also made a beautiful tan glow of Lori's tan skin.

The camera used?

I photographed Lori only using my Canon 50 D and one studio light with a reflector and the natural light coming through my studio window above the couch.

Here are some pictures of what Lori wore in her first debut photo shoot:

Beginner Model Lori

Beginner Model Lori

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