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Did you know that Jean Harlow was the first woman known as a blonde bombshell? Well, I would say that Savannah Potocnik would follow in Jean's footsteps for being a modern day blonde bombshell as well. Savannah is an experienced local Pittsburgh model who is in excellent shape and very good looking. For this bombshell collection Savannah models outdoors in a beautiful city area right next to a marina. The clothing of choice  Savannah used were daisy dukes and bikinis. After the outdoor shoot, I photographed the rest of Savannah's set in my studio wearing a blue lingerie body suit.

Bonde bombshell

The nickname as history tells “blonde bombshell” is used to symbolize or describe an exciting, dynamic, sexy woman with blonde hair like Savannah. I think using the term for Savannah fits her very well and explains the use of it’s intended purpose.

Sex symbol

Savannah is truly a sex symbol icon and up there with the rest of the famous bombshells. The entire Savannah collection was a joy to produce. I liked every minute of photographing Savannah. Modeling marvelously and posing with perfection and extra care is what Savannah does. It was a thrill to photograph Savannah because she models so creatively, and her curves are all in the right spots.

The set up

The outdoor shots I took were with natural light only. I did not use any flash modifiers. I took my indoor pictures with two strobe flashes. There are no edits in any of my work by the way.

Blonde Bombshell



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