Crystal portrait

Crystal Rose Is In Good Shape

Here is Crystal, an incredible fitness model that used to compete. After I reviewed her model release, I said Crystal, you look like your twenty-five years old instead of thirty-five. I captured over 1,000 images of Crystal's debut. There are five sets of different clothing and areas I photographed her in. This first set has over one hundred pictures and two videos.

To start, Crystal poses right in the living room in front of the couch and wears the outfit she drove in from out of town, which, I forgot to mention, was a five-hour drive. This girl was ready to model and did not need any coaching. The second set was the purple lingerie which blended perfectly with the room's colors and Crystal tan skin.  After the lingerie set, Crystal posed nude and did a fabulous job artistically posing.

I would tell you that this photo shoot is the best I have done in a long time. I never took so many pictures in a short time for a while. I had no coaching to do all I had was snap and move around to photo Crystal.

The fun part about the shoot was the model and photographing natural beauty from so many angles. It was a real experience that turned into pure perfection. I couldn’t have done without the model.

I used only one light and my 17-to55 mm lens for this set. I used to video my strap on Go Pro 10 and my Sony on the side view.

Here is a starting picture:
Crystal standing pose

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