Her First Nude Shoot

First Shoot For Jovey

Here is a new model named Jovey, and this is her first nude shoot. Having worked with previous models like Jovey, who didn’t have any experience modeling nude, made photo shoots unpredictable turnouts for me. I mean, a nude shoot can go smoothly, or it can also end terribly. The suspense was good in Jovey’s nude session, and the results were unforeseeable to have thought of when I started photographing her. The clothing array for this shoot consists of the model wearing some lingerie and then posing nude. Jovey also modeled in some outdoor fashion attire around a local park.

First time modeling

Jovey’s photo shoot was straightforward because she was not ashamed to model nude and pose in various positions, which made the session go smoothly and quickly. Her outdoor sets were short but very good and bright. Although she did not model nude outdoors, I captured some quality implied photographs and HD videos of Jovey posing outdoors. Jovey has a lot of tattoos and wears eyeglasses. The glasses made an excellent prop on her. I was quite impressed with Jovey’s modeled skills at the end of the shoot.

Here are a couple of images of what Jovey modeled:

Her First Nude Shoot

Her First Nude Shoot

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