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Learning how to pose nude for Melissa was not difficult. Melissa is a little bit older than your average model, but she caught on quickly while modeling. Surprisingly, she is thirty-six years old, and her age doesn't interfere with her part-time modeling career neither does her physique. Would you have guessed that she is thirty-six?

Learning how to pose nude

Prior modeling skills

Melissa explained in her interview that she had  done some prior modeling. She said that she modeled for the American motor cross-company in a bikini and tee shirt promo/advertisement gig. Although Melissa has some experience, she explained that she has never modeled nude before in front of a camera.

Melissa thinks modeling is fun and it helps her to avoid getting bored by occupying up her free time. I recruited her from my online model casting call seeking females who want to be a nude model.

Learning How To Pose Nude

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