Savannah Potocnik Blonde Bombshell

Savannah Potocnik Blonde Bombshell

Here is part three of Savannah’s first modeling photo shoot that she did back in 2015. As I mentioned in her first photo set, she is a very experienced Pittsburgh model. She has an excellent body and also very good looking one of a kind model. In this session, Savannah models in the studio in a thong bikini on the couch

Savannah Potocnik blonde bombshell part-two

Savannah is a blonde bombshell, and she modeled very well again in her second shoot. I think she enjoyed the third photo set a lot! I took a lot of different angles of her on the couch and carpeted floor. The HD video and the pictures are fantastic. Like I explained earlier, I had a fun time working with Savannah on these three photo shoots. Savannah modeled marvelously, and she did every pose with extra care. It’s a thrill to work with her because she knows what to do, and she poses correctly! Savannah’s body and curves are all well put together.

The in-studio shots I took were with studio flash fill light, and I used some reflectors to assist me.There are no edits in any of my work by the way.

Savannah Potocnik Blonde Bombshell

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