Model In Park Poses In Shorts And Bikini

Katiee is nineteen years old and a part-time model who attends college. My photo shoot was not her first by the way. Katiee and I discussed setting up a photo shoot through Instagram I happened to photograph one of her friends who also models part-time and is a college girl.

I did the photo shoot on location in Schenley Park area of Pittsburgh. Katiee modeled in several outfits which were a bikini, bodysuit, and jean shorts. The bodysuit set was the best I think!

I also photographed Katiee in a burgundy top with tight black pants which made her apple bottom figure look fantastic!

The bikini images were at the end of the shoot near an area that had a lot of swampy greens plants growing by a pond surrounding the park area. I used it as last final backdrop. I got some beautiful pictures and video of that part of the shoot.

I used some fill flash since it was an overcast and a cloudy day. The shoot started out good, but I think Katiee had a lot on her mind…

Here are some images of what Katiee wore:

V the Photographer

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