2012 Nude Model Photo Shoot

This is Bella, an amateur model from Clearwater Florida area. I emailed Bella off model mayhem explaining to her that I was traveling to Clearwater and was looking to work with some models while I was on my one week vacation. Bella got back to me with a yes, and I booked her for one of my shoots. She was the first model I photographed while I was visiting Clearwater back in 2012.

Bella is a petite cute girl who models part time on the side and does various styles of modeling. She models clothed and nude in my photo session. I used the hotel I was staying for her shoot because it was very colorful and had a beautiful layout.

Bella started the session off clothed, and then she undressed to lingerie and finally posed nude on the big bed. The images came out fantastic, and Bella did marvelously posing in all sorts of positions. I was using my old Canon 50 D camera in this shoot with just the lighting  in the room and one speed light.

Towards the end of the shoot, Bella did some surprise modeling techniques. I did not expect that out of her in the shoot, so I kept all of the video footage in the uncut clip.

Here are a few pictures of what Bella modeled for my shoot:

V the Photographer

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