Adriana second shoot

Adriana A Unique Model

Here I have the pleasure of introducing the lovely Adriana, a unique model from Ohio. Sincerely speaking, this young lady is very talented. She knows how to model unique. For me, a model who can be different is a big plus! They can turn out stunning images. I rank Adriana as a top model for this talent. Without any doubt, she is fabulous. From the start, I didn't hesitate to book her to model because I knew she was great.

Unique model poses

For this shoot, Adriana modeled jeans and a pink tee shirt.  Following the jeans, she wore a fantastic Victoria's Secrets thing and bra with sparkles. The last two outfits  Adriana posed were a black bodysuit and a red bodysuit with sneakers. All of the sets are a marvelous collection of pure beauty. I think you'll like seeing what Adriana did and has to offer as a top beauty model. She is super to see in action! Here are some shots:

Here are some shots:

Clothed fashion shot

Adriana in a dress

Red bodysuit

Adriana wearing a red body suit

Monochrome shot

Adriana a unique model

I set my lights to a lovely setting for my camera setting of F 4 aperture. It makes a smooth, beautiful background. Of course, as I have mentioned in the past, I can only capture these great models you see by setting my camera F stop with a trustworthy light meter.

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