Molly Dean in the shower

Sultry Molly Posing Behind Glass

I finally got to Molly posing behind glass, her third set from 2019. It's been that long since I posted her first shoot. Let me tell you, time flies. Although I can't stop the clock from ticking, taking gorgeous pictures of beautiful models like Molly freezes those elaborate captured moments in time forever. And this follow-up session did indeed capture a lot of excellent images like the first set.

Molly posing behind glass

Molly poses this time behind a huge glass shower stall enclosure with big ceramic tile on the wall. She looks super saucy, and shooting her through the glass was different for me. Her first look was a purple bikini followed by a yellow bikini. She did a variety of poses, and I  got a lot of quality images. The wet pictures are excellent behind the glass reflection, especially when Molly holds the handheld showerhead as a prop.

Shower photography

Using a glass shower stall enclosure is an excellent setting for a glamour photo shoot, primarily when you work with models like Molly. The size of the shower makes all the difference. The bigger it is, the better the results. In some of Molly's pictures, my softbox reflected on the glass shower door. The white glow on the glass created some neat effects. Taking stunning photos of models through glass is creative. It's different. Everything has to be just right, or the model and picture will not look perfect. Molly turned out fantastic.  I think I'm going to do a little more of it when I get the chance. Having a good model makes a big difference in any photo shoot.

Using the shower was fun!

The third shoot of Molly in the hotel again was fun. The room was big, so I had to make sure I picked out each area for the beginning, middle, and end. As soon as I walked into the room, I scoped it out and picked the bathroom for the third set.

Setting it all up

For the setup, I used one Interfit Honey Badger flash with a two-foot square softbox offset to the right of the glass shower wall. I set my camera's f-stop with my light meter and expo disc to set my custom white balance. That is how I achieved capturing spectacular blends white reflected light on the glass. You'll see that inside. Also, the behind glass shots that have water droplets are super saucy. I also took some high-definition video of Molly's shower session, and it's good.

Molly pulling the bikini

Molly's purple bikini

Molly in the yellow bikini

Close up of Molly in the yellow bikini

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