Chloe Sommer in her coat

Chloe Sommer Makes The Grade

Chloe makes the grade because her expertise with posing and facial expressions surpasses any new model I've photographed in a long time. Her knack for moving and blending her gorgeous face with the pose is amazing. She is a natural pro throughout it, all the way to the end.

In this first shoot, Chloe impersonates a modeling student coming in for further after-class studies. The theme could not have been a better idea for her outfit. To start, Chloe models in the clothing she wore to break the ice and get warmed up, then she models in a mini schoolgirl costume.

All of the images turned out great the fun part about working with gorgeous talent is I don't have to edit their pictures. Chloe has everything together, skin, hair, and makeup down to her fingernails. I took some stunning photos of her long nails with her poses.

I used a simple beige backdrop which went well with Chloe's tan skin, and three studio lights.

Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot:

Samantha portrait with jacket

Formal wear

Samantha portrait mini outfit

Mini school girl

Now that you have seen a few samples, how about looking at the entire masterpiece?

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