Elma Portrait

Elma Bayliss Poses On The Beach

Here is the lovely Elma Bayliss, a newer, talented model that has her stuff together. Elma posed at Sandy Hook Beach in New Jersey for this photo shoot. We used the big beach and the Atlantic ocean as the background. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon for two hours? I left Pittsburgh early at four am and got to the beach just in time for a sunny beach shoot. It was late September, but it seemed like August. The week after, the weather started to change and get colder. I was glad I could get another last swimwear shoot-in for the year.

The wardrobe!

Elma wore two different bikinis and some jean shorts, which looked super. I even got some of the beach crowd in the background of some images. It was a fun Saturday and a long drive to Sandy Hook, but it was a weekend adventure. Take a look at the great work Elma did.

Here is an image of the shoot:

Elma Bayliss at Sandy Hook beach.

How I photographed

I used only my Canon 7D Mark II and my Canon 70-200mm lens. What a fabulous lens the 70-200 is I really like it. The quality results that I get from it can't be beaten. To get the nice exposures of Elma I metered for the shots with my Sekonic L-478-D-U light meter and just popped my flash on the camera to fill in the pictures as I went along. Everything turned out spectacular.

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