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Here’s a contortionist who models. She can twist and bend into strange, unusual positions. Her name is Luna, an she’s an entertainer. How she got started in modeling was when she was working at a local grocery store and met someone who recommended that she get into modeling. Luna has been modeling for the past year.

Her Modeling

Luna models promotional events, yoga modeling, fitness modeling, and fashion modeling. For this photo shoot, she will be modeling holiday lingerie and some glamour fashion. At the end of her shoot, Luna does some fabulous contortionist posing. The photo shoot is Luna’s second photo shoot that she did. I choose to publish this shoot first because it’s the holiday season.

The setting for this shoot photo shoot was on location in a vacant home which is under remodeling phases. I borrowed the house because I wanted to get a different look rather than the typical studio setting. All of the rooms had new flooring installed and some walls that have textured plastering. I think the look was perfect for the style.

Having a contortionist model is rare. I’ve been trying to find a fitness model who can do unusual poses and model generally at the same time. So I will say that made the photo shoot very fun and exciting a lot.

For this photo shoot, I used my new Canon 7 D Mark II camera. I also used my new Canon M 50 mirrorless camera which also is excellent.

Here is a look at what Luna modeled:

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