Erin Nicole Topless In Jeans

Erin Nicole In Jeans

Erin Nicole in jeans is a hot follow-up photo collection from her first shoot. For this particular setting, she posed on a sofa adjacent from the living room's interior window. The window had sheer white curtains, which made a soft light on Erin's gorgeous tan skin and also made her jet black hair look crisp.

Erin Nicole Modeling in jeans

I recommend using a Sekonic light meter if you’re an amateur photographer who wants to get the same kind of image results that I do. By using the meter, you will drastically improve the consistent image results and eliminate uneven photo exposures.

Let's get back to Erin Nicole. I must say that photographing Erin topless in jeans was a lot of fun and a neat fashion look. For me, It was just as thrilling to photograph her as much as I did in her first full nude set.

Erin posing on the couch

Posing in the living room on the couch allowed Erin to pose in perfect dramatic hot poses. Her poses were all creative looking and beautiful. I mean, she knew what to do and to be topless with jeans portrayed a high-end fashion trendy model and not just an ordinary model who takes off her clothes.

Erin is a bundle of fun

The most enjoying part of Erin’s topless session for me was the quality of pictures and the quick amount I was able to snap! Not only did I capture close up beautiful images of a high-end model, but the setting and look of the room made it all turn out the way.

Here is a sample of Erin Nicole in jeans:

Erin Nicole Topless In Jeans

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