Supermodel Ashley Fink

Supermodel Ashley Fink modeling

Here is the lovely supermodel Ashley Fink in her premiere photo shoot. For this shoot, my model Ashley, wears a one-piece black thong bodysuit. She starts in front of a colorful white sheer backdrop that I enhanced by adding in a blue color gel. The blue color gel was for the first set of images I later used a red color gel that changed the mood of this shoot drastically.

Ashley Fink modeling debut

A little bit about Ashley, she is a talented top model who has a lot of experience modeling. She also does her makeup for the shoot which is a big help and a plus for me. Ashley has her stuff together and knows what to do. She is a top model in my books and a thrill to photograph.

There are a total of 61 images of Ashley and a collection from two separate sets, one blue and one red. I used a canon 70 to 200 mm 2.8 lens with an image stabilizer to capture Ashley in action.  All of the images are a marvelous array of pure beauty and creativity on Ashley’s part. I mean, every pose and facial expression is right on. I never had a model who could pose so great and change her face so quick to go with the mood of the pose.

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