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Here is my latest model Kaitlin I photographed her in June of 2016. Kait was into fitness competition and at the time was involved with fitness competing. She responded to my fitness modeling casting call that I have online seeking fitness models for various photo shoots.

Kait was a thrill to work with she did a fitness theme photo shoot with her weights and workout clothing. She also posed in some nonrelated fitness poses wearing her fitness attire on.

Kaitlin modeled very well and did fabulous with the fitness poses she basically did super all the way around in this photo shoot. I will tell you that Kait is a top-notch fitness model and I haven’t  been able to photograph another model to surpass her yet!

Here are a few of the  images that I took of Kaitlin:

The outfit she wore looked perfect on her it was a tasteful look. Kait also did a set of pictures with water sprayed on her to make it look like she was sweating those came out excellent also.

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