Holiday Lingerie Modeling Edition MNM Best 2015

Chase debuts in her first nude holiday lingerie modeling edition. Chase is a well built blonde twenty-five-year-old who has great legs and a marvelous bum!   At the time of this photo shoot, Chase was a part-time dancer, so she was keeping a good physique. She had never modeled before, and had no prior experience!

Holiday lingerie modeling edition

Chase’s photo shoot is a one of a kind, and she has never modeled since her debut in 2015. She got referred to me by her dancer friend Anastasia whom I happened to photo shoot before her. At the time it was December, and I was working on my annual holiday lingerie and nude modeling edition. Chase did a solo photo shoot and then modeled with her friend.

Chase did super when she posed she intertwined some dancing moves in with the poses I showed her. At the beginning of the photo shoot, she did a little short twerking session which was fabulous. I have to tell you she twerked very well.  Her holiday outfit and the red backdrop made a perfect match her tan skin separated her figure from the red.

Lingerie modeling

The lingerie pictures turned out super hot! Moreover, Chase’s nude photos are jaw-dropping they are a sight to see! Chase did outstanding in her first lingerie/nude photo shoot id say, and her excellent physique appearance made the photo shoot very worthwhile.

Chases photo session was so much fun because she posed fantastically and looked super. Her friend Anastasia joining in as a guest model made double the fun. Everything went planned the way I wanted it to go!

Chase in her holiday lingerie outfit:

Holiday Lingerie Modeling

Holiday Lingerie Modeling

Holiday Lingerie Modeling


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