Black Lace Teddy Modeling

Kait Modeling A Black Lace Teddy

This shoot is Kait’s second appearance, and she does some black lace teddy modeling. Kait models in a black dress first, then she goes into a black lace see-through Teddy. Kait does a variety of hot poses throughout this shoot. Kaitlyn looked outstanding in the outfit and did a marvelous job only for modeling a second time.

Black lace teddy modeling session

All of the photo sessions took place in front of a white backdrop, and I used my old Canon 50 D camera at the time of this shoot. Incidentally, the camera was on its way out. If I remember accurately two months later, I purchased my new Canon 70 D camera.

Here are some samples of what Kait modeled back in March 2015.

Black Lace Teddy Modeling

The dress a perfect choice to go with the lace Teddy.

Black Lace Teddy Modeling

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