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Miky Comes To Town

Miky comes into town and shoots for me in this fantastic set from two years ago. If you are unfamiliar with her, she is an up-and-coming Czech Republic model. We hit some fashion studio looks and fabulous nudes. I photographed a lot of material with Miky because she knows how to pose and do it well. I produced over 159 images total, including color and monochrome. I had very minimal waste. Just about every shot was usable. The lingerie images are marvelous, and Miky's high-end nude poses are extraordinarily unique in design.

I had a lot of fun with this shoot. In two hours, I captured more images than I expected and was surprised. It was a thrilling and educational set because I found some quality camera settings and poses to show other models. Everything for the scene was a simple setup. I used a gray background and three lights.

Here is a masterpiece shot to see what I did:

Miky in lingerie

See how perfectly Miky poses and smoothly flows with it in the frame. Her poses are like this and have much more creativity that will astonish you.

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