Miriam Chic topless

Miriam Chic An Actress Take 1

Have you ever wanted to see a girl who has it all combined in one? Well, my latest model Miriam Chic is an actress at heart and a pro at posing. She is a site to see for sore eyes. Miriam makes you laugh while photographing her.  She even makes faces while I turn my back adjusting the lights. Miriam is a full-blown model and actress. The funny thing is she told me, “I don't know what to say,” when I started filing her. After I began to snap images, her real personality broke loose. Everything blended together, and made an incredible turnout.

Miriam Chic fashioning it up

The first set for this session is all on the sofa. Miriam did some lovely fashions in short jeans , topless and nude. I used a yellow color gel on my fill light, and then my main light was hard. It all looks fabulous and a masterpiece collection for sure. The nudes of Miriam are all exclusive and uniquely done. I even got to spray her down with water to add that wet look.

For the most part, this model shoot was a lot of fun for me. It's rare to find an actual model-actress type of girl who can pose and at the same time act.  I would say to you that Miriam's shoot turned out a good reality scenario.

Camera settings

My I metered both of my lights to match my camera f- stop  of F4.  My lights were Interfit Honey Badgers if you're wondering how I set up. There are minimal edits just resizing and some skin touch ups.

Do you see how the first shot came out of on the sofa?  It's such a glamorous pose.

In this set, Miriam added in a bit of smoke to make an excellent implied topless pose.

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