Dancer Turned Model

Kat, a dancer, turned model, has been modeling for 4 to 5 years steadily, and she does it full time. She was initially danced and through dancing, got involved with modeling.

The session started with Kat wearing a black dress and then undressing until she was modeling topless and with a thong. After a while of creative posing, she modeled fully nude in various art and glamour positions. Kat is good with all sorts of poses, and she positioned her beautiful physique very well.

Good model physique

Kat is a naturally busty girl who maintains her attractive body excellently. She poses in a pose excellent and doesn't need many directions. I did have a pleasant and enjoyable experience photographing her, and I thought that her photo shoot went very good and turned out exclusive high-quality nude modeling image results.

The best and fun part about working with Kat was that she wasn’t bashful when it came for her to pose nude! Some models tend to be awkward when it comes time for them to be naked during a photo shoot. With Kat, there was no issue at all! I even showed her a bunch of nude poses that I wanted to capture of her while she was modeling for her nude photo set.

Here are some images of what Kat did:

Fashion Modeling

V the Photographer

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