Top model Chloe Ann Lloyd

Top Model Chloe Ann Lloyd

Chloe Ann Lloyd did a fabulous job modeling for me. Chloe’s image collections turned out fantastic. Creating a great portrait is so easy when you work with talented models like Chloe, who keep themselves fit and tone.

Model Chloe Ann Lloyd

Luckily I was able to have been able to book a few captivating models so far this year. These few models I photographed all did terrific modeling, and they turned out marvelous photos for my work. I must add Chloe into the few elites I had the opportunity to photograph this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to find at least two more, good charismatic models before the year ends.

Modeling lingerie

For her first set, Chloe wore a pink lingerie set and posed in the living room area in front of the window. The sheer white curtains covering the window softened the sunlight, and my honey badger flash heads did the rest for me. I set the exposure with my Sekonic light meter for proper exposure. I set my custom white balance with my trusty expo disc.

I captured excellently, exposed portraits with Chloe because I used my trusty Sekonic light master pro L-478D-U meter. I also took good shots because Chloe is a brilliant model. Most importantly, to be able to get a smooth, silky image of a gorgeous model, she must have a great complexion, or her image won't turn out good. A model who has lousy skin tones will need a lot of editing to correct the problems. I try to avoid the post-production process all of the time. In Chloe’s case, I had no post-editing at all and was pleased with her results.

Here is a picture from the shoot:

Top model Chloe Ann Lloyd

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