Tora Sports Calvin Klein

Tora sports Calvin Klein in her second photo shoot, and she poses wearing only a black thong with a shortcut halter top and sneakers. This is a tasteful sporty themed photo shoot that turned out marvelously. Tora did very good and posed all the way around entirely in all of her poses.

Tora sports Calvin Klein

The images turned out excellent I got a lot of good pictures especially the floor poses and the standing ones are just as super good. I didn’t have to show Tora any sample poses she caught on quicker in this photo shoot.
Tora’s photo shoot was a lot of  fun  to take because of the model wearing a perfect outfit that made the photo shoot what it is a tasteful sports-themed sort of fitness styled shoot. Although Tora didn’t do any working out, it was just as good without her doing that.

I used my Canon 70 D camera with an  expo disc to set my custom white balance settings. Here are a couple pics of the shoot:


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