Bella in Daisy Dukes

Bella Modeling Daisy Dukes

Here again, I have another gorgeous new model Bella, and she wears short Daisy Dukes. A popular summer clothing trend nowadays, the famous Daisy Dukes are appealing when a model like Bella, who has a breathtaking build, wears them for a shoot. Any photographer would agree to that! In this particular follow up session, Bella makes it all happen.

Modeling Daisy Dukes shoot

Capturing alluring quality glamour images of a model doesn't necessarily require the model being nude. For all of this to occur and to get sizzling results, the model can wear shorts or any clothing that evokes the imagination a good example is Bella modeling Daisy Dukes. She demonstrates all of this quite well, and for most of her shoot, she doesn’t even get naked until the end. The nudity comes into play when Bella decides it’s necessary to express what she had been hiding from the camera.

Composing Bella's photo shoot

I composed Bella's glamour collection using the adjacent living room area in the same hotel room that I photographed her previous titled hotel shoot. The main prop was the chair next to the low lit lamp.  The drapes the light, and the chair all looked splendid with Bella wearing her short cut Daisy Dukes. She modeled with the chair very explicitly, and I  took a lot of up-close shots. As I mentioned earlier, my model Bella wasn't nude and hadn't become nude until close to the end of her shoot. Bella looked perfectly fine with the black halter top and short cut jean shorts. The high heels made her legs look long and lean while I photographed her up-close on the chair.

Here are a couple of pictures of what Bella did:

Bella In Daisy Dukes

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