Leah In Daisy Dukes

Leah Modeling Daisy Dukes

Here is Leah again! What a perfect wardrobe she wore for this hot May afternoon shoot back in 2018. I used a home that was under light remodeling that had construction materials all over the place. I thought using the living room, was perfect for photographing Leah because of all the flooring boxes piled up. The construction and all of her glamour made a fantastic setting for me. The laminate floor boxes piled up fit Leah in daisy dukes fabulous, and she posed on them so lovely.

Leah modeling topless

Leah looked super hot, modeling daisy dukes. She was awesome and marvelous throughout it all. Her session was unique and one of a kind. The suspense for me lasted from starting Leah’s shoot and up to the implied and topless ending sets. Those sets are exceptional! Modeling artistic in various styles is something Leah enjoys as a freelancer very much.

Leah makes quality glamour

All of Leah’s images are fantastic. Her third final set is a masterpiece collection that includes a total of eighty-seven never seen before custom sets. There is also a quality video of the shoot, which shows behind the set footage.
Here are two samples from Leah’s third hot shoot in May:

Leah In Daisy Dukes

You see how the laminate flooring boxes piled up make the setting a little different from a typical studio photo shoot. Having this kind of environment that has remodeling going on in a house with all of the necessities creates an exciting, glamorous shoot. It makes you think the model is going to get down and dirty and start doing some work after she models. Maybe next time I will photograph a model painting and see how it turns out.

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