Chloe wondering

Chloe Waking Up

Here is the final photo set of Chloe’s shoot from August 2019. We used the bedroom for a sleepy story tale of waking up after a long night as you can see Chloe looks a little drowsy. Her long sleeve shirt made everything click while sitting on the radiator she holds on tight to the pillow and slowly stares into the mirror wondering how her day will go. Shortly after she starts to move around and decides to put on her workout clothing.

Chloe starts her day by rolling into the kitchen and sipping on a hot cup of coffee. Peeking out the window and thinking about going for a jog while the caffeine kicks in. Chloe’s day unfolds contemplating in the kitchen while she poses thinking against the wall.

Here are a couple of pictures of Chloe’s third shoot

Chloe holding on to a pillow

Chloe sipping coffee

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