Ellen Models Superbly

Here is a new model collection from Ellen modeling superbly with a rustic look. It's is a brand new idea that turned out impressive results! A little bit about Ellen, she is a gorgeous up and coming glamour model, who has an excellent build and magnificent look. She also has experience as a top model who modeled with bikini fashion. This rustic setting Ellen starts with wearing a nice pair of jeans and a Calvin  Klein sports bra. She looks fabulous in front of the crude-looking barn background that I picked.

Ellen models in my studio

That's not all. Ellen looks way hotter when she is wearing the matching thong with the bra. To add in more heat, I used a yellow gel color effect, which added in a warm and sexy mood. The gel made the setting feel as if natural sunlight peeked through a barn loft door and hit her tan skin.

She's a stunning model

I never worked with Ellen, and with that said, made her session an adventure for me. Ellen posed so dramatically, and she did a super job. When it came time for Ellen to wear the thong, she did every pose I showed her without hesitation. Ellen wasn’t shy about showing off her body for my camera.

Nothing but sheer images

All of the images are great, and I got a super hot shoot, and the thong pictures are stunning. The last outfit of the shoot Ellen wore was a black thong bikini decorated with a silver chain. The bikini is sexy!  I shot it in front of a black foam background. There are a total of fifty-eight images and a beautiful HD video of the shoot.

Here is a sample of the shoot:

Ellen Modeling Glamour Fashions

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