Starla Model Adventure

Starla model adventure is a Toronto, Ontario native. Starla recently passed through Pittsburgh while doing a modeling tour for work. I happened to book her off of one of my modeling casting calls. Starla has been modeling for about five years from her knowledge. Mainly Starla poses in a variety of artistic nudes, fashion, and lingerie. These categories are her typical focus for modeling jobs.

Starla model adventure

For this photo shoot, Starla poses in a little bit of fashion, lingerie, and then nude. The nude modeling sets are great artistically inclined styles. All of Starla’s clothed, lingerie and nude images turned out fantastic and looked super, and I was delighted with all of them.

Starla is Talented

Starla is a talented model she poses exceptionally well and is a lot to fun to work with because her skills make everything easy. I only had to show a few examples to Starla of specific poses that I wanted to add in my collection. Starla turned out fantastic, and she posed marvelously.

The camera I used was my new Canon 7 D Mark II and also my new Canon EOS M 50 mirrorless camera. Both are fantastic cameras. Take a look at a couple of shots from Starla's session if you want to view more thoroughly you know what to do!

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